2012 Partnership Opportunities

The partnerships listed below are priority partnership opportunities and do not include all the partnership opportunities available with Teleios Ministry and its indigenous partners.   New partnerships develop monthly. 


Children's Ministry Development

Koinonia Baptist Church and the Fellowship of Baptists of Central Kenya (FOBOCK) are seeking volunteers to serve one year training others in the development of children's ministry. The work will not be restricted to Baptist churches only. This is a critical need for the churches and supporting ministeries in the area. Volunteers will have to provide the cost of airfare and some daily expenses; however, assistance is available with lodging, food and transportation in-country.

Time: While a commitment of one year is optimum, the option of a one- to six-month commitment is also available.

Happy Day Academy

Happy Day Academy continues to grow.  Currently, under the leadership of its founder, Mary Kabaru, the Academy is self-sustaining.   We praise God for this.   The current enrollment is 200 children.   Happy Day was designed to be a three story structure.  Today through the generous gifts of Teleios Ministry partners, Happy Day Academy has two stories full of children.   The addition of a third floor is a critical need during 2012.   This expansion would allow the Academy to continue to be self-sustaining and complete its vision of nursery and primary school covering all grades.  

Cost of the addition is $35,000.  


Farm Development Partnership

Volunteer assistance is needed as soon as possible in developing an existing farm into a truck farm to provide food and income for Daily Bread Life Children's Home. The farm has livestock, grain mill, and plenty of water for year-round growing. Volunteers will also be involved in training local workers in farm management. An agricultural school or farmers' group would be ideal for this partnership.  (See Travel Opportunities)

Construction of a Barn for cows and goats. $1000

Construction of a poultry house for small egg production. $500

Teach proper crop cultivation methods and irrigation techniques. 



Church Property and Mission Center Building for Sacele Mission.   Teleios Ministry has a commitment to develop church property and building for the Sacele Mission in 2012.  Over the past years, Teleios partners have assisted Otto and Elisabeth Kis in their planting of a church in the Sacele area near Brasov, Romania.   Due to rapidly rising land prices and the exchange rate fluctuations between the US Dollar and the Euro,  the cost of the church building have continued to escalate.   However, in the current economic situation land prices and exchange rates have stablized.  

Total Cost is $250,000 for the property and building.   Teleios Ministry has some funds available for this project.  

For more information on any of these opportunities, please contact Teleios.

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