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Empowered For Christian Service: A True Partnership Outcome


By Bernard Kabaru Mwangi

The Church as the body of Christ is interdependent in its relation and function.


The reality of this interdependence breaks down the walls that threaten effective, quality growth and advancement of the Kingdom of God that sometimes results from racial, regional, continental, national, tribal, class, age, gender biases. Hence, the question of whether the church in Africa (or any other world that is historically regarded as the recipients of Western missions) needs Western missionaries is not only irrelevant but a reflection of distorted ecclesiology. Actually, it is a question based in a paternalistic-colonialist leaning.


The Church, whether West, East, North or South, black, yellow, pink or white will always need each other.


Partnership, where all partners value each other as God does, focus on God and are being moved by His heart for missions and preparedness for mutual benefit to the glory and honor of God and the advancement and growth of His Kingdom, is what the Church must pursue.


We rejoice in the results of an empowering partnership as evidenced in the following illustrations for which we give glory and honor only to God.



Empowered To Serve: A Great Testimony: James Karanja


James Karanja is the pastor of Ol Moran Baptist Church in Laikipia West, Kenya. Each Sunday, he and 50 fellow believers gather to worship in a shaky structure on rented property.


Despite the deep desire to purchase land for a new church building, growth of this fellowship has been impacted by constant insecurity due to raids by armed Samburu and Pokot warriors, as well as cattle rustlers with heavy firearms, not to mention the long-term drought that has plagued the country. Thus, James and the members had trouble finding ways to support themselves and their families. In addition to these challenges, James was also struggling with his wife's illness. She died last year of a brain tumor leaving James to care for 10 children ranging in age from 2 to 20.


During this time, James survived by riding his bicycle over 20 kilometers to a national forest where he illegally cut trees and burned them to produce charcoal to sell. This led to his arrest which greatly affected his ministry and his family.


Praise God for the gift of a water pump that was provided through Teleios. As a result of being able to irrigate the fields, James now has a legitimate means of making a living. He was able to plant a great crop of spinach, beans, tomatoes, cabbage, pumpkin and onions which allows him to provide food not only for him and his family, but for the Bible School and others in the ministry, too.


God has also brought to reality the dream of purchasing land for the church thanks to another gift from Teleios partners. Members are now praying and working toward being able to construct a better auditorium for His glory and advancement of the Kingdom in the Laikipia area.



Empowered To Serve: A Great Testimony: Elizabeth


“Koinonia was started just for me!” This is a statement that Elizabeth keeps saying, though she is not alone. Living in abject poverty, struggling with supporting her family and trying various marital relationships, she found hope in Christ and was saved during the outreach in May 2005 when Koinonia Church was planted.


As she matured in her faith, Elizabeth found her place in the Children's Department at Koinonia and has been sacrificially involved.


Though she had completed high school, Elizabeth felt there was no hope of getting a higher degree because her grades had been too poor. However, with the encouragement of Mary Kabaru and the support of Teleios, Elizabeth just completed a two-year course in Early Childhood education and now has a job in a private school!


Praise God, she is moving toward self-sufficiency in Christ!

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