Emphasis on Leadership Development and Wholistic Gospel
  1. Koinonia Baptist Church
    1. Discipleship for New Believers, including entrepreneurship
    2. Transformation Center for Community
      1. Street Kids - Tutoring, Nutritious Meal, Homes
      2. Marketable Skills Development
      3. Leadership Development
      4. Childcare/Pre-school Development
      5. Health and Health-Related Issues - AIDS, Malaria, etc.
    3. Camps for children and youth with training for Kenyan Leaders
    4. Replication to other Kenyan churches

  2. FOBOCK - New Baptist Association of Churches - Indigenous Vision
    1. Leadership Development
    2. Community Transformation
    3. Wholistic Gospel Approach
    4. Planting New Churches

  3. Leadership Development for all Jesus Followers
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